Freeze Festival

On our last day in Leeuwarden the bands spent their time with recording their new song. The songs will be mastered and published soon!
Later in the evening we visited the Freeze Festival at Neushoorn.

It was an awesome finale of our FOOD FOR THOUGHT project and again we want to thank all involved persons!




Today it´s the last day before departure. The mixed bands are recording their new created songs. We´re exited and looking forward to hear the new creations!


While the chefs prepared the last dinner of the week, the musicians had the chance to join a live radio podcast for 3voor12 friesland.

Closing Concert / Pop-up Restaurant

Time goes by, even if we don´t want to, but our project Food for Thought is coming to its end.
Yesterday we had a great evening at the closing concert of our bands and a Pop-up restaurant. 


The opening band was DELORE. Liza and Jon started the evening with their smooth and melodic music. For the closing concert the whole band was on stage.


During the musical breaks the guests got their menu. 
Marinthe de Hek introduced us our meals: self made bread with herb butter and hummus. The second serving was a salad with seasonal vegetables. After that we got some local cheese from a farmer from Jorwert. The main dishes were entrecôte & lamb with mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli and celery. The vegetarian variant was radish with mashed potatoes and celery as well.
As a dessert we got cottage cheese with strawberry, raspberry and passion fruit sauce, also pineapple cake.


The second performing band was HAGELSLAG. Actually they´re 9 band members, but for this project they decided to come with John, Valentin and Horiat.


The third act was TOLLS (Daan) as a singer/songwriter. 


Last but not least NEOTROPIC performed their songs. Elias, Joules and Joy brought their jungle pop to the audience.


At this moment the whole team of the Food for Thought project wants to say thank you to all the musicians, chefs and organizers who made this week possible. Thank you for the inspiration, creative processes and making new friends. Thanks for having us and this accomplished evening.


This video made by Menno shows how the bands were mixed to new groups. Now they are busy with writing new songs with the theme of local/home and sustainability. We´re exited for the results!
Here are some impressions of what the bands are working on right now:

Workshops, Sheep and Creativity

Our Wednesday started with a short journey to the cozy village Jorwert. There we met the workshop leader Marinthe de Hek (Interview later on). She introduced us into the common lifestyle of people living in Friesland. The high quality of food determines the residents daily lifestyle.
So at first we got some self made apple pie and tea, which were collected in the own garden of the bartender.

After the meal our musicians and chefs visited a workshop to get to know each other better and learn more about where all the project members come from and what they´re actually doing in their daily lives.

Later we visited a farm in Jorwert to figure out where the ingredients of our meals come from. Our daily food which is cooked by our four young chefs is produced all biological and local. 
So after we got a fresh produced lunch at the farm, of course there were some time left for jam sessions and creativity.


Interview with Marinthe de Hek

Theresa: First of all. Tell me something about you.

Marinthe: My name is Marinthe. I’m organizing projects for “Slow Food Youth Network Friesland. Next to that I used to be a teacher for three years, at the local university, and I teach students about social work. So this is more about how we behave and what choices do we make. How do we treat our health and well being. So those two, in my eyes, are connected.

Theresa: What was your intention to choose food as a main theme of your work?

Marinthe: I think it’s directly connected to the environment where I live in. Friesland is a province which is really about the landscape. I think the way we eat directly influences how our environment looks like. 

Theresa: For how long do you do this now?

Martinthe: I think I’ve been involved in the Network for four years now. 

Theresa: So you’re educating and working with groups. What are the reactions you get the most?

Marinthe: It depends mostly on the people who we meet, because sometimes I give lectures to students, who want to become a farmer. Those students often have completely different interests than a musician. So the response that I get really depends on the audience. 

Theresa: What are your thoughts about this group you met today?

Marinthe: I think the musicians are really open, they collaborate easily. I saw a lot of positive messages between the project members. For example they want to learn more about food, being conscious of what they eat and take care of yourself. 

Theresa: Did you realize something special?

Marinthe: I think today I saw them coming together, they have been sharing some stories about their childhood and they also made food and ate together. They have experienced these three days as a group. That’s really nice to see. I saw some musicians gave our chefs a hug, which is something that they would really not expected usually. So I think they got comfortable today and calmed down. 

Theresa: Last but not least: What are your main goals? What do you want to achieve with your work?

Marinthe: Well at this point I want to achieve a balance between organizing projects and have enough time for my private life, calming down and live with my boyfriend. But my main goal is to connect the chefs, farmers, students and help other people who want to have more consciousness for what they want to do. To help them to get the access to the network of producing local food and also find more interested people.

Theresa: Thanks for giving us a short view about your working life and of course for the inspiring workshop you gave!


Yesterday we finally arrived in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and met our project partners from Popfabryk and the other musicians and chefs!

Our project startet with a short city tour through the beautiful and cozy centrum of the cultural capital city Leeuwarden.

We want to share some expressions with you, cause we were impressed of the street art and sights of this city.

Nobody is perfect!
This is the “Oldehove”. It is a leaning and unfinished church tower in the medieval centre and the landmark of the Leeuwarden. 
The city guide told us, that the Leeuwarden’s love it so much, because it´s imperfect like us humans as well. 

This graffiti tells us, to overthink our use of the planet and cutting trees in the nature.

This piece of art shows the wheel of fortune. Before we´re born no one of us can choose it´s life or where we have to raise. So humanity has to be careful with mother earth and care for each other. If we do, we can take care of our children as well and let them grow up in a safe environment.

This last street art was sprayed by a colorblind artist and shows the colorful diversity of our society. It´s a sign for tolerance and acceptance.

After the city tour we had our first three meal dinner at the venue Neushoorn which is a great place for musicians and other creatives.
We all want to say thank you for having us!

Last but not least we checked in at Alibi Hostel, a cozy, old and rebuilt jail. 
And for now it was time to say good night.
We´re exited to the upcoming days and will let you know what we´ll experience here in Leeuwarden!