Pop-up Restaurant with Music

Saturday was the day for what everybody had worked for during the FOOD FOR THOUGHT project. The pop-up restaurant with closing concert took place.
13 musicians, four chefs and the project leaders organized an evening with a four-course menu and a live concert of six different bands for round about 50 guests.

So we decided to transform the event hall of the MusikZentrum to a restaurant with living room atmosphere for that day. New tables, chairs, sofas, flowers, even the tableware were ordered for that special day.
We created a modern, industrial chic pop-up restaurant for our guests.

The chefs prepared a four-course menu for our guests. All day and night they worked for it and created delicious dishes with a “1001 nights” theme.

Beetroot with cottage cheese, olive oil & peppermint, roasted pumpkin, hummus, falafel, spicy carrot dip and naan bread.

Second course:
Yellow lentil soup & papadam

Main course:
Lamb shoulder, puree of cauliflower, yoghurt and pomegranate

For the vegetarians:
Halloumi with sesame, puree of cauliflower and pomegranate

Mascarpone cream, grapes, walnut and brownies

Between the courses the bands performed their new songs which were created during the week here in Hanover.

First mixed band was Joy, Horiat, Selma and Jon

Second was Liza, Murel and John

Third band was Daan, Valentin and Elias

Fourth mixed band was Joules, Jochem and Martijn

Afterwards Tolls (Daan) and Neotropic (Joules, Elias, Joy) performed with their bands within they’re playing besides the FOOD FOR THOUGHT project.

At this point, we want to say thank you to:

Musicians from Leeuwarden:

Musicians from Hanover:

Chefs from Leeuwarden:

Chefs from Hanover:

The Organizing Team:

Check out “Bands / Chefs” for more information!

Special thanks go to everyone who helped us with the project!
Especially the cooking and music coaches Matthias and Roland, the guides Alpay and Hans at our city tour, the cooperating Hafven and restaurants and of course the assistants at the concert (graphics, d-zentral, technicians, barkeepers and service).
We also want to thank the founders without the project wouldn’t have been possible.

More photos will follow soon!


Restaurant Invasion

Yesterday we had a short city tour through the Nordstadt of Hanover. It’s the neighborhood of the MusikZentrum and “the place to be” besides Linden and Hanover Mitte. 
You can find many international restaurants, grocery stores and fashion shops at the Engelbosteler Damm, the main street in the Nordstadt.
So we decided to have a look with the musicians and chefs.

Later we headed to 4 different restaurants for a jam session invasion. The mixed bands were playing at Spandau, Locorito, Francesca & Fratelli and lieb.es.

The musicians got a delicious meal at each restaurant and went to the “Nordstadt braut” bar. Afterwards they were jamming at the Weidendamm studios where the students of the Musikhochschule Hannover get free access whenever they need to.

Check out the restaurants!



Music Coach
Roland Loy

While the dutch and german musicians are making music and creating new songs, our music coach Roland Loy is joining us to support them if they have questions or need some help.

Roland Loy is a vocal coach and music producer from Hanover. He is also a passionate singer, composer, lecturer and multi-instrumentalist with 30 years of experience in music. 
Roland who was born in Bochum is working as a vocal coach and music producer and giving workshops since 1990 in Hanover and Niedersachsen.

As a passionate musician, he began to work on own band projects when he was 16 and is now maintaining his own recording studio with his lable LOYworld Records since 1999.

He’s supporting musicians in their creative processes and development from their lessons to the producing.

Roland also offers 15 – 20 different workshops at PPC Music https://www.ppcmusic.de for vocal education, microphone training, choir and musical singing and many other topics.

It’s a modern and creative alternative to usual music schools.

Cooking Coach
Matthias Böttger

As we planned the project we asked Matthias Böttger to support our chefs while they´re cooking the bands favorite backstage meals and the closing concert with pop-up restaurant.
Matthias works at head chef and cooking coach at the Bahlsen canteen and Essenszeit.

Matthias began his training as a chef at the end of the 90s. Back then “Maggi” out of bottles were everyones preferred medium to spice up dishes.
Instead of that, Matthias loves to use fresh vegetables and herbs to prepare the meals for his clientele. As also for our musicians and guests at the pop-up restaurant.

We want to say thank you to Matthias and Roland for joining the project and supporting us with their expertise!


As you may read yesterday we were at the Hafven (https://hafven.de) for our neighborhood dinner. We invited the people from Hanover who are living next to the MusikZentrum and Hafven to join us for self-made food and a jam session afterwards.
Thanks to everyone who were there and celebrated a cozy evening together.

Here are some expressions for you:
Photos were made by Hamid, graphic designer at MusikZentrum.

Sushi and Jamming

On Thursday 21st the bands started their day with writing sessions and the chefs of course with preparing the lunch. Todays favorite backstage meal were plates of delicious, healthy and everyones beloved SUSHI.

Prepared for the day the bands will work on their 15 to 20 minutes sets for the concert with pop-up restaurant on Saturday evening.
Final rehearsal will be on Friday at the acoustic concerts in the restaurants. If you like you can check out @ EVENTS.

At the moment the chefs are visiting the Bahlsen canteen to prepare some finger-food for the neighborhood dinner this evening. You can also check out this event on this blog.
While the bands will perform an acoustic session we will talk about the project, taste some self brought dishes and get to know the neighbors of the MusikZentrum. Everyone is invited, entry is free!

After that we’re going to visit the Linden Jam Session at Kulturpalast. It’s a free event where musicians can play music together no matter in which constellation.


Yesterday was arrival day. In the evening the whole group was at the Hagelslag and Emerson Prime concert at MusikZentrum Hannover.


Today we started our creative journey with a self made breakfast at the KIK (Kunst in Kontakt) house where the dutch musicians and chefs are living during the week. Including first jam sessions we talked about the program and our activities.

After we finished the “welcome breakfast”, we went to MusikZentrum so the bands can groove into their rehearsal rooms.

And of course we got the first favorite band meal prepared by the chefs and their coach Matthias Böttger. Vegan curry with vegetables, rice and wan tan shall strengthen us for the active part of the day.

In the evening we will do a short city tour through Hanover, so our guests will have an impression of the city they’re living for the rest of the week. Later on we also visit the Gilde brewery and the vegetarian restaurant Hiller.
Photos following at the Gallery!

Part two

Tomorrow is the day of arrival again! We’re expecting our musicians and chefs from Leeuwarden here in Hanover.
In December we spent an awesome week together and we’re glad to have them here from 19th February – 24th February!

Creativity. Music. Food. Fun. Sustainability. Life. Discovering.
These are the tags our week will be about. Check out this blog if you are interested in our upcoming activities.

In December the dutch and german bands created four new songs during the week in Friesland:

Musicians: Murel, Julia and Selma
Producer: Matthijs Herder
Master: Matthijs Herder
Musicians: Daan, Martijn and Horiat
Producer: Chico Ricardo
Master: Matthijs Herder
Musicians: John, Joy, Jochem and Jon
Producer: Chico Ricardo
Master: Matthijs Herder
Musicians: Valentin, Liza and Elias
Producer: Matthijs Herder
Master: Matthijs Herder