As you might know, our week in Hanover will also end with a pop up-restaurant on 23rd February.
We’re currently organizing how it will look like. So far we can say, that we’re looking forward to an evening full of good music by our musicians, tasty food prepared by the young chefs and a nice, cozy living room atmosphere.
We already borrowed some nice vintage decorations from the opera in Hanover ūüėČ

For our music and food lovers in Hanover:
You can get some tickets via telephone or e-mail. Check out the contact side on this blog or the following flyer!

Be quick, there are only 50 tickets available!



Yesterday was arrival day. In the evening the whole group was at the Hagelslag and Emerson Prime concert at MusikZentrum Hannover.

Today we started our creative journey with a self made breakfast at the KIK (Kunst in Kontakt) house where the dutch musicians and chefs are living during the week. Including first jam sessions we talked about the program and our activities.

After we finished the “welcome breakfast”, we went to MusikZentrum so the bands can groove into their rehearsal rooms.

And of course we got the first favorite band meal prepared by the chefs and their coach Matthias Böttger. Vegan curry with vegetables, rice and wan tan shall strengthen us for the active part of the day.
In the evening we will do a short city tour through Hanover, so our guests will have an impression of the city they’re living for the rest of the week. Later on we also visit the Gilde brewery and the vegetarian restaurant Hiller.
Photos following at the Gallery!

Part two

Tomorrow is the day of arrival again! We’re expecting our musicians and chefs from Leeuwarden here in Hanover.
In December we spent an awesome week together and we’re glad to have them here from 19th February – 24th February!

Creativity. Music. Food. Fun. Sustainability. Life. Discovering.
These are the tags our week will be about. Check out this blog if you are interested in our upcoming activities.

In December the dutch and german bands created four new songs during the week in Friesland:

Musicians: Murel, Julia and Selma
Producer: Matthijs Herder
Master: Matthijs Herder
Musicians: Daan, Martijn and Horiat
Producer: Chico Ricardo
Master: Matthijs Herder
Musicians: John, Joy, Jochem and Jon
Producer: Chico Ricardo
Master: Matthijs Herder
Musicians: Valentin, Liza and Elias
Producer: Matthijs Herder
Master: Matthijs Herder

The way we eat is killing us ‚Äď and the planet


Today we stumbled over this interesting but also kinda gloomy article in the guardian.
We think the message of the article matches perfectly with the topic and visions of our FOOD FOR THOUGHT project.

“The modern western diet has become a highly damaging thing that needs a complete overhaul if we are to avoid potential ecological catastrophe.”

Hard words for big problems. We all should take some time to overthink our nutrition. What we get, how it can damage us and our environment and what we can do to improve it. Not just for us and our own health but also for the planet on which we want to live some more years.

Here you can find the whole article:


It’s been five weeks now since we left Leeuwarden after a whole week full of taste and sound.
Now we have about three weeks left until our dutch friends will visit us in Hanover.

From Leeuwarden
To Hanover

For now we are busy with organizing activities, concerts, the Pop-up Restaurant and many other surprises for our guests!

We are so looking forward to see all the musicians, chefs and project members again here in Hanover on 19th – 24th February.

Freeze Festival

On our last day in Leeuwarden the bands spent their time with recording their new song. The songs will be mastered and published soon!
Later in the evening we visited the Freeze Festival at Neushoorn.

It was an awesome finale of our FOOD FOR THOUGHT project and again we want to thank all involved persons!




Today it¬īs the last day before departure. The mixed bands are recording their new created songs. We¬īre exited and looking forward to hear the new creations!


While the chefs prepared the last dinner of the week, the musicians had the chance to join a live radio podcast for 3voor12 friesland.